Marilyn Gladu – Member of Parliament (Sarnia Lambton)

& Shadow Minister for Health - Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition

 Marilyn Gladu has been part of the Sarnia Lambton community for 33 years. She is a professional  engineer who worked for Dow Chemical for 21 years, in a variety of roles locally and globally. Marilyn  then became Engineering Manager and subsequently the Director of Engineering at Suncor before taking  a consultant role at WorleyParsons.

 As a consultant, she has managed construction and commissioning teams, a team of over one hundred  engineers supporting the Shell refinery, and served as North American Business Director for  petrochemicals and refining.

 As an owner of a small business, Marilyn has an appreciation for how business works from the small to  global scale, and the needs of our local industry. During her career, Marilyn was the chair for the  Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers locally and the National Director of Science and Industrial Policy  for the same organization. As a youth leader for 30 years, she has an energetic connection to young  people. She still maintains close connections to youth across our Community, even launching an official  “Youth Advocacy Council” to mentor and create leadership opportunities for young minds from across  the region. 

 Marilyn has been an active member and director of the Conservative associations both provincially and  federally since 2006.  Elected as the Member of Parliament for Sarnia-Lambton in 2015, Marilyn received  the MacLean’s award as “Most Collegial Parliamentarian” as voted by the other members of Parliament  shortly after.  She served as the Official Opposition Science Critic, as well as the Chair for the Status of  Women. She is the current Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Rail Caucus, in addition to the Vice-Chair of  the Aerospace Caucus. 

A prestigious moment in her early parliamentary career would be that her private members bill, C-277 (on palliative care) received unanimous consent of the House of Commons. The bill is currently before the Senate of Canada for final review and should receive Royal Assent in the months ahead. This legislation will make a difference in the lives of millions of Canadians.

Marilyn has the ability to work with multiple levels of government, NGO’s and industry associations to achieve good outcomes for our community and our country. She is focused on creating economic opportunities, standing up for seniors, and working with other community leaders on local priorities. She takes great honour in representing Sarnia-Lambton and using her years of vast experience to ensure that our community’s best interests are always taken forward as strongly and capably as possible to our Nation’s Capital - Ottawa.


Marilyn Gladu (MP, Sarnia Lambton)

Sarnia phone: 519-383-6600
Ottawa phone: 613-957-2649