Shadow Minister of Health Marilyn Gladu disappointed by Federal Budget

Despite massive deficit spending, urgent health issues left unaddressed
February 27, 2018

Today in Ottawa, MP Marilyn Gladu (Sarnia-Lambton) delivered her official response to the 2018 Federal Budget. Despite a spectrum of urgent health & other needs across Canada, the Government appears to have missed the mark. 


“I’m disappointed in the federal budget overall beginning with the fact that palliative care was removed from the budget, and the 11 billion that was pledged for home, palliative and mental health care over 5 years has now been cut to just home and mental health care over 10 years – so the funding has been cut in half and the palliative care has been eliminated. In fact, the words “palliative care” don’t even appear in this budget.  I’m also disappointed is the lack of support for the opioid crisis – there is no treatment center funding included, and the amount of money put into the opioid crisis pales in comparison to the close to 1 billion dollars spent to legalize cannabis. The other issue is that after studying pharmacare at Health committee for 2 years and being close to issuing a report, this Government has decided they are going to have an advisory committee look at it again – so we won’t see action any time soon from the Liberals.” 



“From a local perspective, there is no new infrastructure funding announced in this budget, and the Parliamentary Budget Officer has reported that in the 2016-17 fiscal year, over 90% of those budgeted infrastructure funds were left unspent! This Liberal government just cannot execute on their promises.  Perhaps one small hope we can have is that within the pocket of funding announced for Small Craft Harbours under the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, we may be able to find some funding to get the Sombra ferry crossing re-opened, but we will have to wait for this funding to be allocated in upcoming ways and means legislation.”

“Overall the 2018 budget contains three times the deficit promised – another $18.6 billion, with no return to balanced budgets in the foreseeable future.  Considering how much they are spending, there is very little to show for it.”


-          MP Marilyn Gladu (Sarnia-Lambton)


Constituents and other stakeholders can review the federal budget here: