Urgent feedback needed from Lambton Farmers

May 29, 2017

Agricultural Community feedback needed on Budget consultation issue

As announced a proposal in Budget 2017, the Liberal government is looking at eliminating the provision that allows farmers to defer cash ticket purchases of listed grains to the subsequent tax year. Now, as part of their so-called consultations, the government is giving farmers a deadline extension until July 24th, 2017.

As Member of Parliament for a constituency driven by agriculture, I know this proposal will have serious negative implications and I want to encourage all farmers to submit their views before it is too late.

All feedback for the government on this proposal needs to be sent to Consultation_Tax_2017@canada.ca before July 24, 2017.

The current cash purchase ticket system helps farmers to stabilize income from year to year to ensure the long term sustainability of their operation. A farmer could have a bumper crop one year and a drought or flood the next, but the system allows for some flexibility in dealing with these fluctuations. Farmers can be prepared for things outside of their control and file taxes accordingly.

The proposed changes would limit producers ability to sell their product on their own time frame and to cash manage their income and operating expenses. These can be serious financial risks for farmers, while dealing with conditions outside of your control, such as the weather, market prices or rail system delays.

This proposal will not only impact the owners of farm operation either. Without the flexibility to cash-manage their operations, producers will have to make tough decisions on whether to hire or lay off any seasonal workers they may employ. The effects of this ill thought out proposal will have a real impact on our farming communities.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to submit feedback on this proposal, please contact my constituency office at: 519-383-6699 or by email at Marilyn.gladu@parl.gc.ca

Marilyn Gladu

Member of Parliament: Sarnia-Lambton